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  1. Smoking – Its Consequences And Preventive Measures

Smoking is INJURIOUS to health! We all know this but how much we are aware of its consequences on health? Furthermore how much it is going to cause hitch for the Passive smokers, are we aware of all this?

Just spend few minutes and get some vital information regarding certain facts of smoking and also how to avoid the adverse affect of smoking on health.

As mentioned, smoking causes plenty of adverse effect on health. Smoking destroys almost all the organs of the body ensuing so many health hazards. In a recent survey conducted it has been estimated that cigarette smoking is deadlier on an annual basis as compare to death caused due to HIV/AIDS ,road traffic trauma ,alcoholism ,drug abuse and criminal offences (like murder) all together.

Among so many diseases caused by smoking, Cancer and that too Lung and throat cancer are the most common. It accounts for 1/3 of all cancers at present. The rate of mortality in Female Smokers is 15times more than that of non smoker females and in Male it accounts for 20 times more than that of males who dont smoke.

Tribulations of Smoking The main problem associated with smoking is diseases of Respiratory Tract. The diseases like bronchitis (inflammation if the bronchioles) are frequent. The person suffering from this problems have a miserable time with the disease as they had to face breathing problems, chronic cough, chest congestion, and many other lung infections too. Due to not proper breathing as the bronchioles are obstructed by the scar tissues and mucus (because of smoking) the air cannot fill properly to all the lobes of the lungs and thus slowly and gradually the consolidation of the lungs takes place along with the increase chances of the lung cancer . Also due to not proper functioning of lungs the oxidation of the blood is not carried out properly which affects the whole body. Other disease caused due to excessive smoking is Emphysema. In this disease there is problem with shortness of breath. This disease comes under COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). The chances of smoker to die with COPD are 10 times more than that of non-smoker. Thus the smokers are always at the risk of Suffering form COPD. The smoking is also linked with Coronary Heart diseases. The Smokers have chances of having Coronary heart Disease 4 times more than that of Non-smokers. Their chance of getting a stroke is twice than that of non-smokers. In addition to this, the problem associated with skin like Skin cancer, Premature ageing, wrinkles etc are more to those who smoke. The diseases of Eye like Macular degeneration, Cataracts, damage of the optic nerve, diseases of mouth like tooth decay, tanning of tooth ,diseases of buccal cavity, throath, oesophagus etc. are occurs more frequently to smokers as than non-smokers.

Consequences of passive smoking The most ironic part of smoking is the effect on the health of the passive smokers who is unwillingly inhaling the fumes and being the victim of many health problems associated with smoking. The passive smokers too suffers from problems related to lungs and heart like COPD, Coronary heart disease and even lung cancers. Usually passive smokers who inhale smoke at work place or in their houses, public places etc, enhances their chances of getting cardiac problem by 25% – 30% and lung cancer by 20%. Similarly the children who do passive smoking as a result of their parents or care takers habit increases their chances of getting diseases like bronchitis, asthma , pneumonia, emphysema etc.

Safety Measures These are certain details which you may or may not know .But the main things is that how can we protect ourselves from the effect of smoking and lead a healthy life ? To defend ourselves from the effects of smoking, we are here by unfolding few handy tips which will help you to lead a healthier life.

Introducing anti-oxidant supplementation in your daily routine which is must for the smokers.
As the smokers do produce more free radicals in the body which damages the body cell, so to compensate the effect of free radicals the Anti-oxidant is must. Anti-oxidants can be found in Citrus fruits, green vegetables, nuts, food grains, poultry foods etc.

One of the best anti Oxidant as per Ayurveda is AMLA ( Embalica officinalis ), also called as Indian Goose berry. One of such best health supplement or we can say Anti-oxidant supplement is CHYAWANPRASH. (This is an Ayurvedic jam, made up from combination of many herbs and the main ingredient is Alma and so one of the best anti-oxidant and is very useful to all, especially for smokers).

Amend few simple breathing exercises which one can perform on daily basis. One such exercise is Blowing air into the balloon and then releasing the air. Again continue the same procedure for few times. This exercise is very handy for lungs

Try to regulate the water balance of the body by drinking around 2 lts. Of water in a day.
Among all the points discussed above, the best way to get rid of the entire problem associated with smoking is to QUIT SMOKING. Although this is the hardest thing to do for a smoker but still there are lots of things a smoker can plan and accordingly can try to quit smoking like
A. DESIRE the desire to quit smoking is the first and foremost important things which the smoker has to develop, than only the other things will work accordingly.
B. PLAN after developing the desire to quit smoking, a proper plan is required. There are hundreds of way a smoker can quit smoking, and different people goes for different plan. So here the smoker has to develop a plan which he/she is going to follow or try to adapt certain plan already being mentioned and used to quit smoking.
C. ATMOSPHERE Although the smoker has to help himself to quit smoking but the atmosphere also plays a vital role to help him with quitting smoking in an easier way. Thus the atmosphere of family, friends, relatives and also the company of positive attitude people will for sure help the person a lot to quit smoking easily without much trouble.
So these are few handy tips which will help you a lot. Apart from this we have also Introduce one such programme for Quitting Smoking called as “QWK METHOD (Quit smoking without knowing, developed by Globalayucare). This is a method in which we are not asking the person to stop smoking at all, nor we are advising any medicines. Just we have designed a programme ( plan ) and we are sure that if one follows the programme as the things are mentioned then the person will for sure stop smoking and that too without knowing that he /she has left smoking. The results are fast so we called this QWk (Quick) and also one is quitting smoking without knowing (QWK).

For more details regarding this Plan you can contact us at info@globalayucare.com. Also for few home remedies regarding smoking you can log into our web site in home remedy page.


2. Wondering what you can do to get Balanced Health? Does the Fear of being the victim to diseases like Cancer; Cardiac problems over shadow your mind? Trying to find a way out to cope up with your daily stressful life? Want to stay Younger with out facing any major health issues?

These are certain queries which some how captures your mind and make you think to get a proper solution to get rid of these issues and thus here lies the SOLUTION.

And the solution is ANTI-OXIDANTS! ANTI-OXIDANTS? The word seems to be familiar isn’t so? But what exactly anti-oxidants are and how these anti-oxidants help us is what very few know. Anti-oxidants are the substance that prevents the body cells from the adverse effect of the free radicals. The importance of anti-oxidants is being recognized 5,000 years ago only by Ayurveda and thus in Ayurveda there are many herbs which are rich in anti-oxidant and are being utilized to maximum extent for enhancing the immunity and maintaining the youth of the individual. Now again one question arises – what are free Radicals? Free Radicals are basically the molecules produced at the time of metabolism when the body breaks down the food or are produced due to exposure to the ultra violet rays, X-Rays, due to excessive stress, grief, due to the waste products of the metabolic reaction, inflammations, smoking etc. These Free Radicals can damage the body cells and causes diseases like Cancer, coronary heart diseases, Parkinson disease, eye disorders, rheumatoid arthritis and so many other problems. So to prevent the effect of these Free Radicals, Anti-Oxidant plays a vital role. These anti-oxidants neutralize the effect of the free radical and thus prevent the body cell from damage and enhance the immunity and life span of the individuals. The Anti-oxidants can be found in rich form in many fruits and vegetables ( Sources rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E ), beta carotene, in certain Herbs like AMLA ( Emblica officinalis ), nuts, grains, poultry food etc.

These anti-oxidants should be consumed by the individual in an effort to enhance their Health and prevent various Health Impairments.

Studies has suggested that planning diet rich in anti-oxidants is associated with lower risk for many chronic Health issues which includes even Alzheimers Disease.

Especially for smokers, the intake of Anti-oxidants is very beneficial as it prevents the degeneration of thelung cells to a certain extent.

Thus, in Ayurveda the intake of anti-oxidants is very much recommended. There are so many herbs which are rich in anti-oxidants and thus it is recommended to consume these herbs daily to remain healthy ( along with fruits , vegetables and other sources which are rich in anti-oxidants ), as they (Anti oxidants) reduces stress, prevents the cell degeneration and enhances the youth.

One Such Ayurvedic product is CHYAWANPRASH. Chyawanprash is an Ayurvedic Jam made from the combination of Potent Ayurvedic herbs. In this the fruit of Alma ( Emblica officinalis ) is the main content along with other herbs. As amla Is having anti oxidant property, thus it is very beneficial for Smokers as it neutralizes the free radical and prevents cell degeneration, also it (Anti Oxidant) improves skin complexion, helps fight dermal bacterial infection, very good for Asthma, cough, Anti-ageing, Maintains Youth, Enhances fertility, maintains menstruation, very good for Lungs, liver, kidney, heart and Brain. Also improves the digestion.

So these are in brief the action of Anti-oxidants , and thus Anti-oxidants are considered Key to Balanced Health. So, start planning a diet rich with anti-oxidants and lead a healthy life.

  1. Six Easiest Ways Of Remaining Healthy

There is a famous saying that Health is Wealth. It is indeed true but very few can understand its deeper meaning. Health is the costlier wealth one could have as if we don’t have health then we are unable to make wealth and one can’t deny the truth that without the wealth one can’t afford to have anything even happiness to some extent.

Thus the one with Health and Happiness is considered to be the most satisfied person on this Globe. Health is the most natural form of wealth available and it is our right to be healthy as we are made from the nature itself. Thus to be healthy we have to follow certain basic activities and some basic principles and these are being quoted 5000 years ago only in the Ayurvedic texts. These are certain guide lines which helps the individual to remain healthy for longer duration by enhancing the immunity and normalising the metabolism. So, hereby these are the basic principles if one should follow will definitely be deprived of many health problems, at the same time it will enhance the immunity and gives the normal strength to carry on the regular activities without any problem.

Making a habit of waking up early in the morning. (Between 6 a.m. 7 a.m., usually). As per ayurveda in the morning hours the Bala Rupi Kapha is dominant, means the factor which helps to gives strength and energy to the body, so the development of the body and mind is more. Thus, one who gets up early in the morning can utilize this factor more for his or her benefit. Also you must have come across the famous saying early to bed and early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise. Thus, the statement is 100% true.

Making a habit of regular and proper discharge of stools (deification). As per Ayurveda if one does not have regular and proper bowel movements then the person can have so many health problems , thus if one has proper bowel movement then the person can get rid of at least 60%-70% of diseases. Usually now a days most of the person has constipation problem, thus to avoid that one can drink a glass of lukewarm water in the morning hours. Immediately after getting up from the bed. Also if one can consume a spoon of triphala powder or one spoon of ishabghol with lukewarm water before sleep the previous night will definitely help a lot. The powder being mentioned is purely herbal and if one can get this will help them immensely. Avoid doing these things like holding the natural urges like urge for stools, urination , sneezing , vomiting , belching , crying , flatus and also avoid to run fast , laughing loudly soon after the food as if these things are done, it will disturb the doshas ,mainly the vata dosha and can cause many diseases. (Doshas are the factors which maintains and controls the function of the body as per ayurveda).

Proper time and proper way of eating the food is also very important for proper metabolism- Proper and regular breakfast is very important. If a person takes a light breakfast then it will help the person to enjoy his or her work more, as it will increase the concentration level , relieves stress and strain. But always remember that there should be something solid in the breakfast rather then only coffee or tea .With proper breakfast again the doshic balance will be maintain.- There should be a proper time for lunch and dinner.The lunch should be the heaviest meal of the day, where as the dinner should be the lightest.For both lunch and dinner there should be a fix time like lunch be around 1 p.m. 2 p.m. and dinner between 8 p.m. 9 pm.- While eating one should concentrate on food rather on television or news paper etc. as proper concentration will help for the proper secretion of the gastric juices which will help for proper metabolism.- The person should chew the food at least 14- 18 times. As proper chewing will help the food being mixed with saliva properly, also helping the food to convert into soft bolus form. In saliva there are certain enzymes like Ptyalin which help for partial digestion of the food- One should not drink plenty of water just before the food and also soon after the food as it will hamper the digestion. There should be gap of at least 20mins 30mins. After the food and then can drink the water.

A little exercise if being done by a person which include a little body and a little breathing exercise will help the person as it will regulate the blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, increase the movement of the joints and breathing exercise helps for expansion of lungs thus solving as well as preventing many respiratory diseases, also purification of blood.

A light body massage in home only for 10 to 15 minutes. Is also good. One can use sesame oil for this as it is very good for skin, good for muscle tonicity, removes toxins through sweat glands, gives flexibility of the muscles and joints, prevents osteoporosis, gives strength to the muscles, improves blood circulation etc. Also along with this daily bath is also very important. One can take bath after 15 minutes after the massage. Bath cleans the body as well as the negative thoughts also. It relieves the stress and strain. Thus daily bath is very important.

After the food there should be a gap of at least 1.30 hrs. To 2 hrs. Before going to bed. Also after the meal one should walk for at least 200 steps, but that should be brisk walking and not jogging or running.Thus if a person follows these simple Points, can remain healthy and can enjoy the life. So the secret of health is in front of you. Just follow this and enjoy health and wealth together.


  1. Tea – The Best Refreshing Drink

As summer is there and during this period mostly we are exhausted soon mainly due to loss of water from the body in the form of sweat thus it is very important to recharge ourself so that we stay fresh. Thus to refresh our self during this summer period, Tea is the best option for us. Not only for summer, but tea can be used throughout the year because of its many benefits.
Tea specially the Herbal Tea has been imbibed nearly as long as written history extends.

There is nothing more satisfying and enjoyable than the fresh taste of a herbal Tea. These delicious and nourishing beverages makes a lovely compliment to your morning, revered companion in the afternoon and also they help for relaxation which we all deserve in the evening. An herbal Tea is an herbal infusion made from either dried flowers, leaves, seeds or root. Generally it is made by pouring boiling water over the plants parts and letting them steep for a few minutes. The seeds and roots can also be boiled on a stove. These are then filtered and sweetened if desired and served. These herbal Tea has many health benefits. The herbal Tea are often consumed for their Physical or medicinal effects. Especially for their Stimulant, Relaxant and Seductive properties. Thus this herbal Tea helps us in many ways. Like:-

Firstly Tea fulfills the water requirement of the body if consumed 2 or 3 times in day, as many people don’t drink plenty of water, and if sufficient amount of water is not consumed then many problems can occur.

The tea made from Mint helps for relaxation; relive stress, helps for proper digestion.

Basil Tea – Basil Tea is prepared by putting about 1 to 2 spoonfuls of basil leaves in 250 ml of boiling water. Then it should be steeped for about 2 minutes. Drink 2 to 3 cups of basil tea a day, best after each meal. It helps inIt treat intestinal colics, gastric ulcer and bloating/swelling of the abdomen ,help treat anorexia, help fight urinary tract infections , help against diarrhea , help fight insomnia, help treat lesions and inflammations in the mouth.

Benefits Of Cardamom tea

It eases stomach cramps.

It stimulates digestion.

It reduces gas and flatulance.

Benefits Of Fennel Tea

Improves appetite

Soothes throat and cough

Ginger Tea Benefits

Improves circulation

Relieves cold and flu.

Regulates blood sugar level.

Benefits Of Rosemary tea

Eases joint pain and headache

Stimulates liver functions.

Benefits Of Green Tea : Green tea has a super effect on health as this tea inhibits the growth of Cancer cells. It is Powerful anti oxidant, kills Cancer cells without damaging the Healthy cells, Reduces the Cholestrol level, Helps to reduce thrombosis.

Cranberries are good for Urinary tract infections.

Thus, there are so many herbal tea which are beneficial for certain specific problems.

Thus they detoxify the body, helps to cut the body fat 50%, and it is an effective energy drink. If you drink more than one cup of coffee per day, try replacing some of that coffee with herbal tea. Most herbal tea don’t have caffein. However green tea do. But green tea has many health benefits also. Thus, drinking one or two cup of herbal tea is very beneficial for the health and at the same time these herbal tea are the solution for many daily problems like stress, digestion problem, cough, cold, bad circulation etc. So in this Article the description of few tea are given and there are so many other herbal tea are there each with different health benefits.


  1. Abhyanga – Traditional Ayurvedic Massage

Massage – is a familiar word all around the world since centuries and just by hearing this word it brings a sense of deepsatisfaction and relaxation of the face of the person.

Although there are different types of massages being performed in various different ways like Thai massage, Chinese massage,Classic massage etc. but .TheAyurvedic Massage i.e. ABHYANGAM is way different and popular among all others around the globe because of its amazing results.

Abhyanga is a Sanskrit word where “Abhi” means different, contrary or against and “Ang” means movement or motion. Thus the word “Abhyanga” means doing massage with different motions. In Abhyanga different strokes are performed both in same and different direction to the direction of body hairs.

We can get the reference of Abhyanga in Charak Samhita and Sushruta Samhita as the process of oleation therapy.

Acharya Charaka has mentioned in his text  that consider the body of human as the wooden wheel which becomes much stronger after applying oil and thus prevents the wear and tear , in the same manner the Abhyanga process prevents the wear and tear or we can say prevents the degenerative changes of the body.

As per Ayurveda, Abhyanga should be done on regular basis by each and every individual as abhyanga balances all the doshas ( Vital forces or subtle elements which runs the body – Vata, Pitta and kapha ) .

Abhyanga is one of the main therapy performed to restore dosha imbalances and also to enhance well being and longevity. This is an oil massage in which special medicated oils are rubbed gently into the skin all over the body .For self massage on regular basis –Sesame oil, Coconut oil or Mustard oils can also be used. The basic aim of abhyanag is to restore or enhance the flow of energy by using dedication, feel of touch, different strokes and medicated oils.

Abhyanga is highly recommended and valued as daily routine. Ayurveda do believes that most of the degenerative diseases and pain are caused due to imbalance of vata as they causes the obstruction in the flow of energy and thus with regular massage the vata imbalance is reduced which further gives deep relaxation and helps in proper functioning of the body system.

For better results the therapist must and should use the following 4 things as mentioned above like:

  1. Dedication – The therapist must and should have the attention and also the intention for the treatments and have that feeling of well being for the patient / person at the time of massage.
  2. Feel of touch – Is again very important .The touch of the therapist with the feeling of well being help them transfer positive energy to the patient / person at the time of treatment.
  3. Strokes – The key to good and perfect abhyanag is applying proper strokes or movements as per the direction of the flow of energy.
  4. Oils – The use of proper medicated oils as per the constitution of the person or as per the need of the person is also of utmost importance. LikeDhanwantaran Oil, Narayan oil etc. So if a therapist apply these four things then the out come of the massage is very good.

Usually for an Ayurvedic Abhyanga 1 or 2 therapist are required and one massage takes approx. 48 mins. to complete.


The benefits of abhyanga are many like –

It reduces stress.

Gives immense relaxation.

Strengthen and re- vitalized the whole body.

Regulates proper metabolism.

Detoxifies the body.

Stimulates the immune system of the body by improving the flow of lymph.


Calms and strengthens the nervous system of the body.

Enhance the proper flow of energy.

Protector and preserver.

Improves and tones the flexibility of the muscles.

Brings luster to the skin.

Stimulates blood circulation.

Induces good sleep.

Balances all the doshas.

Prevents degenerative changes of the body.

Induces well being and longevity.


Due to the above mentioned benefits, Abhyanga is thus indicated in case of vata related problems (80 types of vata disorders),incase of weakness, infertility, diseases of joints, muscles problem, nervous system disorders, degenerative problems, psychological problems, muskulo skeletal disorders, Gynaecological problems, as a rejuvenation, as  pre- procedure of PANCHKARMA,  problem of cardio vascular system and other such problems.

Abhyanga in daily routine:

Ayurveda advices abhyanga or self massage as a part of daily routine as to maintain the health of the healthy individual.

Similarly for self abhyanga on regular basis the following oils like Sesame oil for vata prakruti person, Coconut oil for pitta and Mustard oil for kaphaprakruti person will yield better results. Apart from the benefits of skin lusture and skin nourishment, the oils transmit their own qualities to the body at a very deep physiological and psychological state by self massage. Thus it is very good for all (younger, middle aged and older people).

As mentioned that Abhyanga is mainly balancing the Vata dosha as in abhyanga we are using the  warm oils which have the qualities like –Snighdha – unctuous ,Guru – heavy ,Mrudu-soft , Warm ,which is exactly opposite to the qualities of Vata  i.e.Ruksha – dry, Laghu – Light, Sheeta – Cold, khara – rough, Sukshma – Minute, very tiny, Chala – Moving.

Thus due to the opposite quality the abhyanga balances the Vata dosha and is beneficial.

Procedure for  Abhyanga ( Self-Massage)

Abhyanga Self- Can be done daily or at least thrice a week for 15 mins. in the morning hours  approx.30 min. before  bath . One should use the oils suggested for their Ayurvedic Constitutional Type. Pour some (30 ml.-40 ml.) of this oil into a small bowl. Warm the oil by placing the bowl over the vessel containing hot water, for three or four minutes.

Remove your clothes and sit in a relaxed position on a small stool or on towel placed on the floor. Apply oil to the entire body initially and not massage, then follow the steps for massage. Apply these  estimated amounts of oil to each of the following areas:

Head, Scalp, and Neck 10 ml. – Hands, Arms, Shoulders 5 ml. each for left and right – Front Torso 5 ml. – Buttocks and Back 5 ml. – Legs and Feet 10 ml.  Each for left and right

Additional warm oil should be applied as needed as the massage proceeds.

The massage should be done with the ball and palm of the hand and not with the fingers. Try to use circular movements over joints and up-and-down strokes over long bones. Apply moderate amount of pressure so that heat is generated from the strokes except over the heart and abdomen where gentler pressure to be applied. Start with the head and go in descending order down the body.

Start with massaging the head, using vigorous and rapid front-to-back and up-and down movements, as accurate as one can. Spend between 2 mins. On the head.

Then massage the face and ears, which are massaged by rubbing between the thumb and forefinger. Try to add small amounts of warm oil as needed as you massage each area.

After that massage the neck and throat region , again using up-and down strokes.

The massage should be in a recurring, synchronized manner using alternating circular movements for joints and straight movements for long bones massage the shoulders, arms and hands on both sides of the body. Create your own rhythm. For example, try massaging with up-and-down strokes for 5 strokes and with circular strokes for 5 strokes. Feel the most suitable movement and stay with it throughout the massage .Remember to massage both the front and back aspects of each arm and include the fingertips and fingernails (significant!)

Then coming to chest region –massage the chest in gentle, circular and clockwise direction. Use around 10-15strokes. Follow the same movements for abdomen as being used for the chest.

Massage the spine, back and ribs as much as one can reach.

The buttocks can be massaged using a mixture of round and straight strokes.

The legs are massaged in a similar manner to the arms, like circular movements for knees, ankles and up-and-down movements for long bones strokes. Use both hands to massage each leg and do the front and back region.

Finally feet massage. The feet are one of the vital areas to massage and should be massaged thoroughly. Using the ball of you hand, massage the bottom of the foot vigorously for 1 – 2 min. Then do the same for the top of the foot too. Massage the toes, web spaces, and toenails.

Following the massage, take a shower or bath using a mild soap after 30 min after massage.

Thus , hereby we had discussed with you regarding Abhyanga , its benefits and how to do abhyanga at home. Hope this information will help you for maintaining ahealthier life.

Dr. Arindham Chatterjee (Ayurvedic Physician) Global Ayucare

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