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Braahm Muhurt is from 3:00 am until sunrise. We should leave bed in Braahm Muhurt, relieve ourselves, and start the practice of meditation. Braahm Muhurt time is a golden time for all life forms. At this time all life forms in the creation wake up and sing the praises of the Lord, each in their own language. Birds start to chirp, cows start to moo. Lions start to roar. It appears as though all of them are expressing their gratitude towards the Supreme Father in their own language- “ O Lord! You made the air in which we all breathe. You made the land on which we live. You made food-water, fruits-flowers, which are the means to our sustenance. If the night time be addressed as a temporary dissolutionthen braahm Muhurt comes everyday on this earth with a new creation in its lap.
The practitioner of meditation should not let go of this golden time. We should practice meditation in Braahm Muhurt time by sitting in a firm posture in a decided place. During summer months it will be good to take bath also at this time with cold water. In this Braahm Muhurt time, a special energy emanates from the supreme soul towards earth. That is why practice done at this time keeps us fresh for the entire duration of the day and also keep us energized in our daily routine. The experience of that special energy of God stays with us the entire day. In ancient times our rishis, maharishis,saints and the Emperors ruling over Earth would arise at this time and deliberate upon the matters of their kingdom. Students, Bramhacharis would renounce sleep at this time and get busy in their studies. The result would be that they would achieve their objective in life by the practice of meditation for a little time and putting in effort for a small duration of time. Hence we should take benefit of this golden time of Braahm Muhurt. It comes only once in an interval of 24 hours of night and day.
To be able to make good use of this golden time we will need to eat light,easily digestible, sattvik food in the night. Heavy, tamsik and excessive intake of food gives rise to sleep and laziness. People who eat such food in the night wake up late in the morning. They don’t even know when the sun rose in the horizon. And there are many people who have never even seen the rising sun in their entire life. We should not let that happen to us. Braahm Muhurt is giving us a message—
“Uttishthat Jaagrat Praapya varaannibodhat”. Arise, awaken, experience the touch of God’s Bestowing Hands. We should not be late in going to bed at night. Television, cinema, theatre etc., should not be watched late into the night. For every adult practitioner of meditation a minimum amount of 6 hours of sleep is inappropriate. Minors of younger age can sleep upto 8 hours.
But they should leave bed before sunrise and must give time to the practice of meditation. This will rejuvenate the mind, body and soul and induce peace in a person. This discipline exists for both male and female practitioners.
Practising meditation at (Godhuli vela) time in the evening is no less than practising it at Braahm Muhurt time in the morning. Godhuli is the time when the sun has set but still it is light,i.e.,the time between sunset and last light. When sitting down for the practice , first of all, with pure thoughts, remembering the divine form of God in our heart, we should bow in his feet with individed devotion and a feeling of self surrender. Thereafter we should meditate upon the instructed place. Again, we should do prayer, Aarti and shantipaath in the morning and night before meals and should read holy treatises with attention on their meaning. The book “Swarved” should be there with all the practitioners. Every discipline-family must get the monthly vihangam yoga magazine. All disciples and practitioners should pay attention to this. For human, form it is hard to attain! To put it to good use is, indeed, our duty. Rest is upon the God.

Dr. Arindham Chatterjee
M.D. Global Ayucare™


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