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Six ways To Remain Healthy – There is a famous saying that Health is Wealth. It is indeed true but very few can understand its deeper meaning. Health is the costlier wealth one could have as if we don’t have health then we are unable to make wealth and one can’t deny the truth that without the wealth one can’t afford to have anything even happiness to some extent.

Thus the one with Health and Happiness is considered to be the most satisfied person on this Globe. Health is the most natural form of wealth available and it is our right to be healthy as we are made from the nature itself. Thus to be healthy we have to follow certain basic activities and some basic principles and these are being quoted 5000 years ago only in the Ayurvedic texts. These are certain guide lines which helps the individual to remain healthy for longer duration by enhancing the immunity and normalising the metabolism. So, hereby these are the basic principles if one should follow will definitely be deprived of many health problems, at the same time it will enhance the immunity and gives the normal strength to carry on the regular activities without any problem.

Making a habit of waking up early in the morning. (Between 6 a.m. 7 a.m., usually). As per ayurveda in the morning hours the Bala Rupi Kapha is dominant, means the factor which helps to gives strength and energy to the body, so the development of the body and mind is more. Thus, one who gets up early in the morning can utilize this factor more for his or her benefit. Also you must have come across the famous saying early to bed and early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise. Thus, the statement is 100% true.

Making a habit of regular and proper discharge of stools (deification). As per Ayurveda if one does not have regular and proper bowel movements then the person can have so many health problems , thus if one has proper bowel movement then the person can get rid of at least 60%-70% of diseases. Usually now a days most of the person has constipation problem, thus to avoid that one can drink a glass of lukewarm water in the morning hours. Immediately after getting up from the bed. Also if one can consume a spoon of triphala powder or one spoon of ishabghol with lukewarm water before sleep the previous night will definitely help a lot. The powder being mentioned is purely herbal and if one can get this will help them immensely. Avoid doing these things like holding the natural urges like urge for stools, urination , sneezing , vomiting , belching , crying , flatus and also avoid to run fast , laughing loudly soon after the food as if these things are done, it will disturb the doshas ,mainly the vata dosha and can cause many diseases. (Doshas are the factors which maintains and controls the function of the body as per ayurveda).

Proper time and proper way of eating the food is also very important for proper metabolism- Proper and regular breakfast is very important. If a person takes a light breakfast then it will help the person to enjoy his or her work more, as it will increase the concentration level , relieves stress and strain. But always remember that there should be something solid in the breakfast rather then only coffee or tea .With proper breakfast again the doshic balance will be maintain.- There should be a proper time for lunch and dinner.The lunch should be the heaviest meal of the day, where as the dinner should be the lightest.For both lunch and dinner there should be a fix time like lunch be around 1 p.m. 2 p.m. and dinner between 8 p.m. 9 pm.- While eating one should concentrate on food rather on television or news paper etc. as proper concentration will help for the proper secretion of the gastric juices which will help for proper metabolism.- The person should chew the food at least 14- 18 times. As proper chewing will help the food being mixed with saliva properly, also helping the food to convert into soft bolus form. In saliva there are certain enzymes like Ptyalin which help for partial digestion of the food- One should not drink plenty of water just before the food and also soon after the food as it will hamper the digestion. There should be gap of at least 20mins 30mins. After the food and then can drink the water.

A little exercise if being done by a person which include a little body and a little breathing exercise will help the person as it will regulate the blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, increase the movement of the joints and breathing exercise helps for expansion of lungs thus solving as well as preventing many respiratory diseases, also purification of blood.

A light body massage in home only for 10 to 15 minutes. Is also good. One can use sesame oil for this as it is very good for skin, good for muscle tonicity, removes toxins through sweat glands, gives flexibility of the muscles and joints, prevents osteoporosis, gives strength to the muscles, improves blood circulation etc. Also along with this daily bath is also very important. One can take bath after 15 minutes after the massage. Bath cleans the body as well as the negative thoughts also. It relieves the stress and strain. Thus daily bath is very important.

After the food there should be a gap of at least 1.30 hrs. To 2 hrs. Before going to bed. Also after the meal one should walk for at least 200 steps, but that should be brisk walking and not jogging or running.Thus if a person follows these simple Points, can remain healthy and can enjoy the life. So the secret of health is in front of you. Just follow this and enjoy health and wealth together.


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