Infertility in medical terms is a condition which barred the healthy couples to have children’s or in other word it prevents the conception process to have child.

In today’s stressful and fast moving world, infertility accounts for

10-20% of couples throughout the world.

The term infertility is applicable to those couples who have been trying to conceive for at least 1 year regularly (without using any contraceptives) and still unable to achieve any success.

Again to conceive and be pregnant is a process which required the following four things as per ayurveda –

  • Ritu  ( The suitable time of conception being compared with the ovulation period)
  • Kshetra  ( The suitable place where the conception will take place like the womb or uterus of the mother or the endometrium)
  • Ambu ( The nourishing fluid or can be called as the essential nutrition)
  • Beej  ( The reproductive seeds  as sperm in case of male and ovum in case of female)

Similarly as per the modern science the following factors are very important for conception and a healthy pregnancy –

  • Healthy eggs produced by the woman
  • Healthy sperms being produced by male
  • Clear fallopian tubes that allow the sperm to reach the egg
  • The sperm’s ability to fertilize the egg when they meet, means healthy and live sperms
  • The ability of the fertilized egg (embryo) to become implanted in the woman’s uterus
  • Sufficient embryo quality
  • Good endometrial thickness

So for a healthy pregnancy to continue normally to a full term, the woman’s physical and mental health has to be very good.

Many a time this question arises that is infertility is all women’s problem?

It is a general assumption that infertility is primarily related to the woman. But statistically only 40% of infertility cases are related to the woman, 40% of infertility problems are related to men and the remaining 20% is a combination of fertility factors involving both partners or unknown causes.

What are the main causes of infertility in females / women?

The main causes of infertility in female / women are-

  • Ovulation disorders. This is the most common problem and it effects 25% of all infertility situations. 
  •  Pid ( any pelvic inflammatory diseases) or endometriosis
  • Blocked fallopian tubes
  • Congenital anomalies
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Repeated miscarriages due to end number of reasons including rh factor
  • Also ageing issue as with older age the ability of ovaries to produce healthy eggs decline, especially after the age of 35 years.

Main Causes of Infertility in case of Men ?

The main causes of Infertility in male are –

  • Azoospermia ( Nil Sperm Count) again due to many reason
  • Oligospermia ( less Sperm Count)
  • Malformed Sperm ( they die early before hatching the Egg)
  • Many a times due to some genetic Disease

When should a Couple Consult a Physician or get tested?

It is always advisable that even after 1 year of trying regularly to conceive without using any contraception and if they are unable to conceive then they must and should consult a Physician.

For female who are above 35 years of Age , they must consult a Physician if they are unable to conceive after trying for 6 months regularly.

How Infertility is Treated in Ayurveda –

There is different approach for each patient and only after diagnosing the exact problem the treatment is started.

In Ayurveda there is whole lot of Ayurvedic Medicines and Supplements are being used to treat infertility without causing any damage to the Patients health.

Also to treat infertility a proper Counseling is also very important. Without a Proper Counseling and without giving them basic information about the conception, the treatment will not be possible.

Few frequently used Ayurvedic Medicines in case of Infertility are –

For females –

Dashmoolaristam, Ashokaristam, Kumaryasavam, Shatavari Ghritam / Lehyam

For Males –

Ashwagandha lehyam, Shilajit Rasayan, Chandra Prabha Vati, Makarprash

  • Please note – The above mentioned herbal supplements are just an example and are not advisable to be used without your doctor’s consultation.

Some Very good Yoga Asanas and Pranayams for Infertility are –

  • Pawan Mukta Asan
  • Nauka Asan
  • Hal Asan
  • Mandook Asan
  • Bhastrika Pranayam
  • Anulom Vilom Pranayam
  • Please note – Again these are just recommendation and one must consult their respective physician before performing any one of the above.

Many a times even with the medicines and diet and above mentioned technique the couples are unable to conceive.

In such cases, Panchkarma Therapies like Uttar vasti  etc.                            (Ayurvedic Detoxification process) helps to cure infertility .

Few very Important Points which will help those who are facing the issue of Infertility –

  1. Always take a second opinion in case of infertility
  2. Never be too much emotional. There are many such groups who are waiting to use this emotion to extract more funds from your pocket.
  3. Always be aware of the medicines which you will be consuming.
  4. Do not accept any medicines which do not have any label or name on them.
  5. Always speak with your partner and keep a proper understanding with your partner.
  6. Always keep the unnecessary stress away which is coming from Social-Family group.
  7. Always opt for a good laboratory for you investigation as many a time a bad lab report can completely ruin your case.
  8. If possible try to Opt for Ayurveda as your first choice of treatment, as getting treated from a Registered Ayurvedic  Physician for infertility may give you more quick result and that too without causing any side effect.
  9. Finally, in many a case there may not be any treatment (this may happen also), so in such case, personally I would suggest to go for ADOPTION over IVF or IUI, as there are lot of small angels who are the future of our Country and who have no one to take care off.

So, if possible help these little flowers if you anyhow get a chance to do so.

Please note – The last point mentioned is completely my personal opinion and kindly do not consider the same otherwise if this is in conflict with your views.

Dr.Arindham Chatterjee

B.A.M.S, D.P.K, M.D. Global Ayucare

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