C.S.S (Customer Satisfactory Services)


Global Ayucare™ is completely dedicated for the customers and thus we are introducing the Customer Satisfactory Service (C.S.S). Under this the following services will be provided–

(1) *Guaranteed Money back policy if the Customer is not satisfy with our services which includes – our products and all other services.

(2) **Free shipping of products.

(3) Good discounts on all products for our regular customers.

(4) Assess to Free Meditation and Yoga sessions for registered members.

(5) ***Membership to our health clubs at affordable rates.

(6) Your right to assess through all your reports and medication will be maintained.

(7) What you are consuming, why you are consuming, the effects and side effects of medication and all such details will be enlisted if you are taking medicines and products from us.

(8) Free consultation and medical camps will be organized and our members will be informed for such events.

(9) Home Visits for Consultations and much more.

Note – * A Minimum amount for transaction Charges will be deducted.

** For order above Rs.500 for Delhi N.C.R and order above Rs.1000 for more than 200kms.

*** Still the work is on process for health clubs.

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Should you have any suggestion as to how we might further enhance our website and other services, take up research studies, connect with people with similar vision and aspirations, and please do not hesitate to contact us. Even if you are not satisfied with our services then also kindly take few minutes to respond us back what you like and what you don’t like and we will take appropriate steps to correct what is needed to do so and serve you much better in future. Also go through other feedbacks too.

Kindly mail your feedback at info@globalayucare.com with the subject FEEDBACK.


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