Global Ayucare™ provides various modes of consultations to share Ayurveda and care for its clients. We can help you in many ways. As an individual you can consult us and take our treatment exclusively or supplement it with other mainline treatment and get a second opinion on your complaint. You can speak on behalf of your loved ones in certain cases and as a patient you will receive proper advisories.

By following ways you can consult us –

  – Phone Consultation.

  – 2nd Opinion.

  – Online Consultation.

  – Clinic Consultation.

  – Home Services.

Phone Consultation

We use many assessment techniques to obtain necessary information about your constitution and state of health, even when you are not present in personal. It is our Endeavour to listen to you carefully and record our conversation and examine your health reports through mails and send a written statement of our understanding. We take recourse to frequent telephonic or online follow ups. We believe and consider patient care a priority.

To avail our long distance consultation and obtain the maximum benefit, we had developed a methodology based on our experiences. If you are interested in a long distance Ayurvedic consultation, you will have to follow the methodology as described below:

(1) For telephonic consultation, one can call us on our registered number, provide the details and request for a callback.

(2) The scheduled time of appointment will be sent to you via SMS or call. An appointment will be fixed with the concerned doctor and the consultation will be provided to you as per the time.

(3) If you are from abroad and want to get consulted then we can provide you online consultation Via Skype for which you need to send us mail and we will fix an appointment with the concerned Doctor as per your health issue and then the consultation will be done.

(4) Even if you visit our clinic for your first consultation and wish to follow up over the phone you need to agree to this methodology and follow it.

Also one can contact by sending us a mail at –

2nd Opinion

Want an Unbiased Ayurvedic opinion?-

Do you have doubt about your Diagnosis?

Are you not satisfied with your doctor’s opinion?

Does your mind is confused over your health Issue?

Do you want to Avoid Surgery or postpone your surgery?

Are you suffering from a chronic disease from a long time?

Are you looking for another Opinion?

If the answers to all the above questions are YES then here we are with our 2nd opinion service. To avail our 2nd opinion services, just mail us your queries on – and we will provide our neutral opinion after going through your queries and lastly final decision will be completely yours.

Online Consultation

With the advent of Internet and millions and millions of websites offering various type of Consultation we are sharing Ayurveda and its knowledge via Email as well as Skype Consultation. We can organize one on one personal consultation with the doctor to any part of the world. To avail consultation from our best health practitioners and obtain the maximum benefit through E-Mail or Skype Ayurvedic consultation, you will have to follow the methodology described below:

(1) Please mail us and fix an appointment with our doctor for Skype Consultation. You will be intimated via mail about the scheduled consultation time

(2) If you are sending the mail for Consultation then you have to send us all the health related reports, complete details of your health problems and our doctor will reply back to you with in 24 hrs and advice you the guidelines needed to follow.

(3) The first priority for us to take proper care of our patients’ records and we promise to keep every information of patients as confidential so that these can be considered further.


Clinic Consultation

If you are seeking for personal Consultation in our clinic then you can either call us on the mentioned Phone number or can mail us and book your appointment with our specialized doctors.

During your consultation, your original constitution (prakruti) and your current state of doshas (vikruti) is assessed to develop a program according to your specific situation, underlying health disturbances and individual needs. This is followed by recommendations which may consist of proper diet, gradual lifestyle changes that may include yoga and meditation, herbal treatment through nutrition with Ayurvedic herb preparations, cleansing and rejuvenating Ayurvedic therapies to remove deep seated toxins if needed taking into consideration of the individual factors such as age, health state, lifestyle, environment and goals.

Home Services –

Keeping in view the comfort of our clients and saving their time and energy we are glad to provide Home services that too at discounted rate –

– Doctor on call for health Consultation at your home.

– Home delivery of various products at discounted rate.

– For more details mail us at –

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