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  Professional International Ayurvedic health Consultant, Public Speaker and Health and lifestyle blogger.  Dr.Arindham Chatterjee (Ayurvedic Specialist) B.A.M.S.(R.G.U.H.S, Bangalore, India), Diploma in Panchkarma (Karnataka, India), M.D.(Global Ayucare™ – India) Dr. Arindham Chatterjee pursued his passion for Ayurveda and qualified as an Ayurvedic Physician in 2007. He is a Health Consultant, Author, Educator and Panchkarma Specialist who had written many informative articles on health and well being. With the dream of sharing the proper and authentic knowledge of Ayurveda and help the people all over the world, he had started his journey across the globe. He has founded Global Ayucare™ in the year 2009, a complete health care portal through which he had cured thousands of clients all across India as well as abroad. Because of his curiosity to explore more in Ayurveda he had been able to successfully cure thousands of patients all across the world.  
Dr. Arindham Chatterjee has been awarded Doctor of the year (2008) by the Institution where we was working in New Delhi, India and thus was asked to travel to Croatia and work in Croatia.He had completed his Ayurvedic degree – B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science, Bangalore, India. During his course he was studying under the famous Ayurvedic Physicians Dr. Damodar Reddy (One of the well known Ayurvedic physicians across the World). He had also undergone the Panchkarma Course for one year from Atharva Ayurveda in Karnataka, India, under the guidance of his Guru Dr. Mallika Arjuna (PANCHKARMA SPECIALIST) which is considered as the backbone of Ayurveda as this branch mainly deals with the elimination of toxins from the body and helps in rejuvenation. After his studies he had worked as an Ayurvedic Physician in an Ayurvedic Health center for one year in Delhi, India and then he has moved to Croatia, Europe and there he has worked as an Chief Health consultant in Paramayu Ayurveda (Opatija, Croatia). Also Dr. Chatterjee had worked in association with many health centers in Istanbul ,Dubai and Ukraine too. At present he is providing health consultation, conducting Panchkarma treatments, Various Ayurvedic Courses, Yoga Classes, Workshops on Ayurveda and Health Seminars at different places. He had successfully treated thousands of people across the globe suffering from diseases like infertility, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, psoriasis, urticaria, psychological disorders, female health issues etc. Also he was on Croatian and Ukraine National Television and Radio  and had written health Articles in many international magazine and News paper too.
Dr. Arindham’s Belief – Living 100 years is not called as living, but living healthy life without any problem and enjoying everything what one is doing is called as life and thus keeping this in view we are working towards this ensuring that each and every individual gets their part of well being, health and happiness which they do deserve. Wishing one and all a happy, healthy and prosperous life ahead. He has cured 1000 of people with chronic health issues throughout the globe and organized health workshops and worked in Countries Like Dubai, Turkey, Croatia, Ukraine etc. Apart from Ayurvedic consultation he is being involved with international guidelines regarding Ayurvedic product regulations, Ayurvedic pharmaceuticals, formulation development, exports, website content development, Teaching Ayurvedic course, Pranayamas, Writing articles and so on. Can help you in many ways like –
  • To get the best Ayurvedic solution to your health condition
  • To get health tips which you can easily adopt for a better healthy lifestyle.
  • To avail online or direct Ayurvedic Consultation.
  • To purchase Ayurvedic Herbal products.
  • To get expert consultation on herbal product manufacturing, Ayurveda medicine manufacturing rules compliance, FDA, FTC, DSHEA rules compliance.
  • To get supply of organic herbs, organic herbal powder, organic herbal capsules.
  • To learn Ayurveda and so on.
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