Dhootapapeshwar Abhyarishta


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Dhootapapeshwar Abhyarishta is an Arishta containing Abhaya (Haritaki) as main ingredient having Sarak, Pachak and Malanissarak action. It regulates peristaltic movements and helps in proper evacuation of bowel. Haritaki is a drug of choice in toning and rejuvenating intestines. It acts on the root cause i.e. constipation leading to complication such as Arsha.


Haritaki 50 parts, Vidang 5 parts, Draksha 25 parts, Madhuk Pushpa 5 parts, Guda Q.S., Prakshepa Dravya – Gokshur 1 part, Dhanyak 1 part, Indrayan 1 part, Shatapushpa 1 part, Dantimoola 1 part, Trivrutta 1 part, Chavya 1 part, Shunthi 1 part, Dhataki Pushpa 1 part, Shalmali niryas 1 part


Malavarodha, Arsha, Bhagandar, Parikartika, Ajeerna, Udara


200 ml, 450 ml, 5 ltr.

Dhootapapeshwar Abhyarishta Dosage:

2 to 4 tsf. 2 times a day with equal quantity of lukewarm water




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