Second Opinion

Want an unbiased Ayurvedic opinion?

Do you have doubt about your diagnosis ?
Are you not satisfied with your doctor’s opinion ?
Does your mind is confused over your health issue ?
Do you want to avoid surgery or postpone your surgery ?
Are you looking for another opinion ?
If the answer to all the above questions are YES then here we are with our 2nd opinion service.

To avail our second opinion Services just feel free to mail us your queries on and we will give our neutral opinion after going through your query and then the final decision will be completely yours.

Not every doctor will have the same opinion when it comes to diagnosis and treatments options. A doctor’s opinion is guided by several factors such as available technology, their education and their own experience dealing with a particular health condition.

At these times it is valuable to have access to an affordable, unbiased and correct second opinion so that patients can explore alternative options and gain complete confidence in their healthcare.


How Does Second Medical Opinion Work?

With the Second Opinion service from Active Doctors Online, members have the opportunity to request medical questions via the Internet through our Telemedicine service, at any time and from anywhere in the world. Second opinion consults enable patients to make better-informed decisions about their health. They also provide a smart and inexpensive way to improve health and treatment outcomes.

GAC provides its members with access to our network of world-class healthcare specialists. Our physicians are available for medical questions, consultations and second opinions within 48 hours of a member’s request (assuming the patient’s Personal Health Record is up-to-date). Our specialists perform a thorough, evidence-based review of the member’s health history, meaning a second opinion from GAC is completely independent and impartial.

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