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Interesting Facts About Diabetes

By Dr. Arindham Chatterjee

21-March -2018

Secret diary contains lot of secret and interesting information which is not being shared among the large population and being held in between few groups and people.

Through this diary, we would like to share such useful and interesting information among the masses which will not only help them to lead a better and healthier but also will give them clear information about their health and wellbeing.

In this topic we would be sharing some facts about diabetes.

In today’s era every third person is suffering from Obesity and Diabetes. So, whether you have diabetes or you be familiar with someone who does, then you might want to learn some fascinating facts about this illness. In additional, knowing more about diabetes can help to enhance your awareness and inspire you to take control. As the saying goes, knowledge is power.


Interesting Facts About Diabetes

  1. The earliest known written record that likely referred to diabetes was in 1500 B.C in the Egyptian Ebers papyrus. It referred to the symptoms of frequent urination. And as per Vedas, the reference of Diabetes can be found in Ayurveda. Text ( Charka Samhita) , 5000 years ago only. So, Diabetes is an Age old Health Issue.
  2. Signs of Diabetes such as thirst, weight loss, and excess urination were recognized for more than 1200 years before the disease was named.
  3. As per Western Science, Diabetes is of 2 Type – Insulin Dependent referred as Type 1 and Non Insulin dependent referred as Type -2, but as per Ayurveda , Diabetes is of 20 Types.
  4. As per Western Science , Diabetes is incurable disease and one has to manage the same with pills and daily regime throughout their life , but as per Ayurveda – among the 20 Types of diabetes, first 16 Type of diabetes are curable and the remaining 4 Types are Yapyas means manageable .Madhumeha , comes under this category. So, all people who are diabetic, does not lose hope that they can’t be cured of this problem.
  5. In ancient times, doctors would test diabetes by seeing the urine gets attracted by ants or flies or not.
  6. Honey, if it is in its pure form, never increases Blood Sugar level and, thus pure honey can be consumed by the Diabetes Patients. (Reff. Charak Samhita)
  7. Fruits never increase Blood sugar level, even if it is sweet. Sugar is bad, but it depends upon which form and what you are consuming. Fruits contain high Fiber, Water, Vitamins, antioxidants and Fructose. Fructose is harmful if it is consumed in very high quantity and it is impossible to consume more fructose, if you consume Fruits.
  8. Long Standing history of Diabetes leads to Complications like Diabetic Retinopathy, Nephropathy and Neuropathy ( Damages the Eyes, Kidneys and Nervous system) and it is irreversible , But in Ayurveda we have Wonderful Herbo-mineral preparations, which prevents these Complications to occur and even if these complications has started, then these damages can also be repaired up to some extent and certain Stages. So, Don’t Lose Hope, try Ayurveda.
  9. In olden days, Starving, Fasting, Walking and Physical exercise were the methods adopted along with regular Yoga and Pranayama to help cure Diabetes, which is now again being followed and advised along with other medications.
  10. Diabetic Patient is prone to have Cardiac issue or High Blood pressure and a patient with both Diabetes and High Blood Pressure is prone to have Renal Impairment or kidney failure chances. So, consuming adequate amount of liquid by such patients prevents Kidney failure to much extent.
  11. According to the World Health Organization, the largest numbers of people with diabetes were estimated for the South East Asia and Western Pacific Regions, accounting for approximately half the diabetes in the world.
  12. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 422 million people are living with diabetes worldwide (data from 2014), nearly doubling the prevalence since 1980. Out of which Only a handful people knows about the complications of Diabetes and few % of people opt for alternative Science like Ayurveda. Thinking that is just a Home remedy Science and nothing more than that.


So, these were some facts and information about Diabetes. If you have any questions or if you are looking for more information, then feel free to ask.


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